Health insurance in Canada

So that all Canadian residents can have reasonable access to hospital services and medical care, the government has established a national system composed of thirteen distinct provincial and territorial health regimes. Discover the rules of eligibility for health insurance in Canada.

How to have access to health insurance

Each province and territory sets eligibility rules to its own health insurance plan. Depending on your country of origin and province of residence chosen, the registration deadline to the provincial health care system may vary. Here are the links to the eligibility requirements and waiting periods from each province and territory of Canada:

Generally, permanent residents of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick must wait a period of three months before being eligible. However, make sure to ask for your provincial health insurance card as soon as you arrive in the country as the three month delay period starts the day your request is received.

The Importance of travel Insurance for visitors to Canada

The daily cost of hospitalization can easily reach $ 4,000, hence the importance of purchasing emergency medical health insurance. You will be covered for injuries and illnesses requiring hospitalization or clinical treatment.


Insurance for visitors to Canada protects you for short and long term stays and also includes a guarantee for repatriation to your home country, an important requirement for visitors to Canada. APRIL International Canada offers flexible levels of coverage, suited to your needs and budget. The insurance can be purchased even after your arrival in Canada and can cover, under certain conditions, your pre-existing health conditions.
For traveling outside your country with peace of mind, choose the right insurance with APRIL International Canada.

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Date of publication April 30, 2014