Annual Emergency medical insurance

Are you traveling often but always on short trip? Consider an annual policy...

You are traveling often; discover our assistance-insurance solution that will follow up out of your province of residence.

Who is this policy designed for ?

Canadian traveling outside of their province of residence several times each year (plan for up to 15, 16 or 30 days)

Key features

  • A quick buy, once a year, for traveling with peace of mind.
  • High level of emergency medical benefits.
  • One price for an unlimited number of trips per year (maximum duration per trip, client's choice  15, 16 or 30 days).


  • Emergency medical/evacuation.
  • Emergency hospitalisation.
  • Repatriation of remains.
  • Return of insured companion.
  • Return of childrens.
  • Trip cancelation option available on some plan.

Please refer to policy for details.

Useful documents

Competitive pricing

From $CA 49.

Practical information

  • This is a contract for Canadian travelers.
  • Age limit is 59 years old (other products are available for clients over 59 years old. Please contact us for more details.)

Annual emergency medical plan:
This product covers emergency medical care outside of your province of residence for multiple trips per year.
Please refer to the policy for details.

Associated services

  • Direct pay of hospital fees. 
  • Repatriation and assistance service.

List of excluded countries and/or states

Region or area for which the department of foreign affairs and International Trade of the Canadian Governement has issued a travel advisory or formal notice advising Canadians not to travel to that specific country, region or area.
Please see policy for details.

Annual Emergency medical insurance is a product of APRIL International Canada (ex ESCAPADE Assurances Voyages) - APRIL International Canada, distributed by Escapade Travel Insurance Inc., a Canadian company whose business number (NEQ) is 1164445190 and with its head office located at 2-6209 Principale Street, Ste-Croix (Quebec) Canada G0S 2H0.

This travel insurance is build, distributed and manage by APRIL International Canada. Insurer and assister may vary, please read your policy