Travel insurance for Emergency medical

You are traveling alone, with your spouse or friends? Emergency medical travel insurance cover illeness or accident abroad.

Your are leaving on vacation? Discover our insurance and assistance solution that will follow you everywhere.

Who is this policy designed for ?

Canadians resident traveling abroad for a maximum of 365 days.

Key features

  • A must for all your out of province trip.
  • Inforce from subscription day upon return to home province.
  • Option to extend while abroad, please read you policy.


  • Emergency medical/evacuation.
  • Emergency hospitalisation.
  • Repatriation of remains.
  • Return of insured companion.
  • Return of childrens.

Please refer to policy for details

Useful documents

Competitive pricing

From $CA 20.

Practical information

  • Contract for travelers of all destination.
  • Up to 74 year old.
  • Medical Stability will vary, please read policy for details.
  • Subscribe online.

Associated services

  • Direct pay of hospital fees.
  • Repatriation and assistance service.

List of excluded countries and/or states

Region or area for which the department of foreign affairs and International Trade of the Canadian Governement has issued a travel advisory or formal notice advising Canadians not to travel to that specific country, region or area.
Please see policy for details.

Travel insurance for Emergency medical is a product of APRIL International Canada (ex ESCAPADE Assurances Voyages) - APRIL International Canada, distributed by Escapade Travel Insurance Inc., a Canadian company whose business number (NEQ) is 1164445190 and with its head office located at 2-6209 Principale Street, Ste-Croix (Quebec) Canada G0S 2H0.

This travel insurance is build, distributed and manage by APRIL International Canada. Insurer and assister may vary, please read your policy.