12 Ways to Cut Down Your Expenses and Have Money for Traveling

Whenever people discuss traveling, the conversation typically routes it’s way to the monetary freedom required to travel. Who wouldn’t like to travel more? Not having the financial power to do so seems to be a common theme.

There are only two ways to earn more money. Increase your income and cut back on your spending. Finding how to increase your income can become challenging and exhausting. Spending less is definitely a sensible way to successfully keep more bills in your pocket. Check out the following 12 tricks to decrease your expenses and visit those places you have always dreamed of.

1. Use coupons for everything

No, really. Use them for everything. Clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper before going to the supermarket. Go online, print coupons for restaurants, check for discount codes and sale events. Avoid paying full price for anything.

2. Buy generic brands

Forget brand loyalty. Buy whichever one costs the least. Certain items do require a level of quality, such as anything hypo-allergenic. Your health is priceless so spending a little more on things that affect your well-being should always feel like an investment not a waste.

3. Drink coffee at home

Do you start all of your mornings with a fresh cup of coffee? Consider brewing your own at home. It’s a lot cheaper than buying from a coffee shop.

4. Pack your own lunch

Skip the lunch specials. Bring your own lunch to work. A sandwich or a salad takes only minutes to make or prep a few home cooked meals for the week on Sunday afternoon.

5. Energize yourself with a walk

Do you usually reach for a snack when you’re feeling sluggish? Skip the vending machine and go for quick walk around. Stretch your body out to get the adrenaline flowing. Go for a walk instead.

6. Eat at home more often

Eating out gets expensive. Learn some new recipes, spend more time in the kitchen or invite some friends over for a potluck dinner. Everyone saves money while still enjoying a huge, delicious feast.

7. Go to the library

Stop paying for books you will finish reading in a week and then throw in the attic. You can borrow both, books and movies from the library.

8. Run or hike

Cancel your gym membership. You can achieve fitness anywhere. Go for a run or hike. Borrow some one's bicycle or jog to the park with a friend and complete a few circuit-training exercises. You burn more calories and less dollars when you workout outdoors.

9. Get rid of your home phone

The cool thing about cell phones is that you can use them at home too. Get rid of your land-line, unless you use it for professional reasons.

10. Switch to a basic cell phone plan

Speaking of cellphones, say no to huge data plans. You don’t need 10gb of data. Seriously, there’s WiFi in most places so you’ll barely use 2gb at most. Only pay for the amount of cell phone minutes that you are actually going to use within the month and keep the text messages to a minimum. If the message is longer than a sentence, find some WiFi and send an email.

11. Ditch the cable

Go ahead and cancel your cable. Start watching your favorite television shows online. Paying for 500 channels when you only tune into five of them, is a huge waste of money.

12. Protect your assets

Insure those things that you do spend money on. Don’t risk losing your investments, including vacations. Check-out warranties for your laptop and travel insurance for the trip you’re looking at on your screen. Purchasing insurance should always be a part of your finances because your money is worth being protected.

Date of publication November 12, 2014