Assistance services

Medical assistance and repatriation

Did you know that:

  • In some countries medical facilities are inadequate?
  • In an emergency, it can be very useful to have a medical assistance service which will transfer you to a suitable care centre?

In the event of accident, illness or other serious problem, this benefit means we can come to your aid 24/7 by simply calling or faxing.

In the event of accident or illness, our doctors will contact the on-site doctors and take the decisions best suited to your condition. These decisions are made in light of information received and based on medical requirements only. Repatriation may be carried out by light sanitary vehicle, ambulance, train, scheduled airline, or air ambulance.

Our teams will ensure that you are successfully evacuated or repatriated to:

  • the most suitable hospital,
  • or to your home in either your country of nationality or your host country.

Here is some of the additional cover we provide:

  • search and rescue expenses,
  • presence of a family member in the event of hospitalisation, illness or death,
  • repatriation of your body to your home,
  • cash advance in the event of the loss or theft of ID documents or baggage,
  • early return home if a relative dies or is admitted to hospital,
  • translation of legal and administrative documents,
  • advance of bail.
Date of publication June 14, 2012

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