Buying Travel Insurance for Europe is just as important as Taking Your Passport

Why do people forget that purchasing travel insurance to visit Europe is as important as remembering to take your passport? Most people don’t realize the importance of acquiring travel insurance when traveling abroad. It’s not that they’re naïve, they just don’t think anything can go wrong. However, they shouldn’t take that chance. For all they know, travel insurance can save them money on medical bills in a foreign country.

The Importance of Buying Medical Insurance to Visit Europe

Medical insurance while traveling to Europe is as important as putting on your seatbelt while you drive. We wear seat belts even when driving on an empty street because it provides us with protection in the event that a car drives down our path out of nowhere. Medical insurance behaves in the same way.

It provides people with security, with a sense of peace because they know that they’ll be covered if they become ill or if a previous or current medical condition interrupts the trip. A word of advice for people living in Europe, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) doesn’t provide you with complete coverage, which means you’ll also need travel insurance if you’re travelling within Europe.

Why Doesn’t the EHIC Provide People with Full Coverage?

EHIC imposes certain restrictions on medical treatments available under it. Only a few countries in Europe cover the complete costs of medical treatments. Take Greece for instance. The country covers the costs of medical treatment, but not if it extends to personal care and feeding. With travel insurance, what the EHIC doesn’t cover in the country, it will. Travel insurance goes beyond just paying for medical bills; it provides you with an air ambulance to take you to a nearby hospital.

Do you want more?

Travel insurance goes far and beyond as it makes you feel safe in a foreign country. It provides coverage for trip interruptions and cancellations, stolen or lost luggage or valuables, and worldwide coverage for countries not located in the European region. Travel insurance is one of the most vital things to have before you go anywhere in the world.

It’s just as important as remembering to feed yourself and for this reason, people living within Europe and outside of Europe should apply for one. People that are planning to travel this year shouldn’t forget neither their passport nor their travel insurance. It will benefit them and their entire family when they visit another country. Additionally, you should apply for both travel insurance and EHIC.

Why Not Go with Both

Americans traveling to Europe should apply to obtain a free EHIC, which will provide them with temporary access to medical care at a reduced rate. Although the EHIC won’t provide you with all the benefits obtaining a travel insurance does, it’s still wise to have that in hand along with your travel insurance to get the maximum medical care while abroad. Often times, travel insurance will waive the costs for using EHIC to obtain medical treatment while there.

Go on and have the time of your life in Europe! Just don’t forget to protect your health and your vacation with travel insurance for Europe!

Date of publication March 9, 2015

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