The CREPUQ programme (Conférence des Recteurs et des Principaux des Universités du Québec or Association of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities) encourages contact between the cultures of different countries. The SEP (Student Exchange Programme) was established for this purpose with partnerships between Canada and over 500 institutions worldwide.

CREPUQ: Association of rectors and principals of Quebec universities


If your institution has signed an agreement with a Canadian university belonging to the CREPUQ programme, you have the opportunity to follow part of your studies in Canada.
A system of equivalence of credits has been set up for courses in Canada. On the other hand, there is no qualification awarded for these months of study. CREPUQ does not offer grants to students who take part in exchange programmes.


Who is it for? 
Any student enrolled in a university which has signed up to the CREPUQ agreement. They must also have completed at least one year of their course. Similarly, they should master the teaching language of the host institution and have the study programme approved by that institution. Finally, the acceptance of the application is dependent on academic criteria, which means your results must be first class.

How long does it last? 
Generally, exchange visits are for one semester. You can apply for two or three quarters but the entire stay cannot exceed one year. 

How does it work? 
First of all, you should contact the head of CREPUQ student exchanges at your institution. They will give you a code allowing you to download an application form online. You then need to send this form to the head of exchanges and they will forward your application to the Canadian institutions.

To find out more :

Official site of the CREPUQ SEP.


Date of publication May 3, 2012

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