From USA to Europe - How to Insure Every Step You Travel

People traveling from the United States to Europe should plan for the unexpected accordingly before boarding a flight to a European country. In all of the excitement to leave for a grand vacation, it’s easy to forget securing a good travel insurance policy. Without travel insurance, travelers are vulnerable in the event they fall sick, lose their luggage, or miss their flight due to unforeseen events. Before you jet off to any destination within in the European region, you should follow this step-by-step plan to insure yourself:

1. Examine Your Current Insurance

After you book your flight to Europe, start examining travel insurance to learn about the different coverages. You’re looking for a comprehensive policy that is inclusive of trip cancellation. If you or someone close to you falls ill and you need to delay or cancel your trip, the policy will cover any expenses you paid for your vacation.

2. Compare Insurance Policies

If you don’t have travel insurance, the next step is for you to look at several options and compare them to see which one gives you best coverages at a reasonable value. Don’t settle for buying travel insurance that your airline offers on their website, as you’re bound to find travel insurance that’s within your range and offers you extensive coverage.

3. Choose Multi-trip Coverage for Families and Couples

Does your family take two or more trips outside of the United States each year? Families or couples that travel often should obtain a multi-trip travel insurance plan, which covers several trips usually within a predetermined time frame of up to 12 months. By taking out this policy, you’ll be saving money and time. Most multi-trip policies don’t even require the family to travel together, which means you can travel alone without your family and still be covered.

4. Get the Right Coverage

For a trip to Europe, it’s recommended that you purchase a policy that covers all your needs. For instance, you plan to bungee jump or go scuba diving, the policy you’re interested in should cover injuries induced by adventure sports activities. The chances of sustaining an injury by participating in high-risk activities increases so if you’re planning to jump off a plan, for example, make sure you’re covered.

5. Inform Them about Medical Conditions

There have been instances where travelers investing in travel insurance have lied about their medical condition. It was not in their best interest. If you lie or fail to share any medical history with a travel insurance company and your illnesses get the best of you during the trip, the insurance company may have the right to refuse to coverage. Your healthy is priceless and you should always invest in it. If a close relative of yours is ill and can become a reason for you to cancel the trip, do let the insurance company know that beforehand as well.

Are you ready to fly off to Europe?

If your bags are already packed, your passport ready, and you are fully insured to travel, hurry up and get on that plane!

Date of publication March 9, 2015

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