If You Answer Yes to Any of These, then Flight Insurance is a Must

You have probably asked yourself “Do I really need flight insurance?” every time you’ve made trip reservations. Sometimes, the positive anticipation toward an upcoming trip hinders our ability to clearly see the risks involved when traveling. However, statistic[YP1] s show that for some unknown and inexplicable reason, plans never really go as “planned”. The odds of an incident occurring before or during a trip are just as high as everything going smoothly. It’s a 50/50 ratio and you’re gambling with an investment you worked hard to enjoy. So what could possibly go wrong? Pretty much anything…

1) On the way to the airport, the careless driver behind you caused a traffic accident on the highway the morning of your scheduled flight to Asia. Your commute will be delayed and your flight leaves in an hour.

2) A hurricane has destroyed the town you are planning to visit. Your flight leaves in three days, you have no point of contact to find a way to get reimbursed or reschedule your trip. The trip is canceled and you have lost all of your investment.

3) Your boss calls you during your trip and you are trying to figure out a way to jump on the earliest flight back home. The airline you booked your flight with is not flexible with flight changes, so you are forced to purchase a new one-way ticket back home.

4) Two days before your trip, your mother calls you from the emergency room. You rush to the hospital and realize that you must cancel your trip, your flight reservations are non-refundable and unfortunately you don’t have trip cancellation protection.

5) You’ve arrived to the city of love but your luggage has taken a detour and now you’re stuck in Paris without any clothes, toiletries and your favorite pair of shoes may be lost forever. Your traveling experience is anything but enjoyable at the present moment.

6) Your flight to New York is delayed two hours causing you to miss your connecting flight to Europe. Now, you are walking aimlessly around the airport with no way to Europe and no way back home. Who will you call for travel assistance?

7) A week and a half before your scheduled trip, you learn about terrorist attacks in your final destination. Travelers are warned and you want to cancel your trip but it’s non-refundable.

If any of the above concern you, then contact a travel insurance provider and ask about a comprehensive policy that offers all the benefits to cover these scenarios. Most emergency circumstances can be resolved within minutes when you have travel assistance 24/7. Protect your trip and your well-earned money with travel insurance.

Date of publication March 9, 2015

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