Infographic: average cost of medical consultations across 10 countries

average cost of medical consultations infographic

Do you know how much medical consultations abroad cost? Depending on the country, prices can sometimes vary by a factor of three or more. Check out our infographic showing the average costs of GP or specialist consultations in 10 countries! Top 3 most expensive countries for healthcare are the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Are you about to settle in the USA, Switzerland or Thailand? To get ready for expatriation, you might want to learn about the costs of medical consultations in your host country. In this infographic, APRIL International reveals the average cost of a GP or specialist consultation in 10 countries which attract many new expats each year.

To make sure you get effective health coverage abroad, choose an expat insurance solution that fits your situation and your needs. You will also have access to specific services such as direct payment of hospital charges for hospitalisations of more than 24h or
third-party payment in some countries.

Download the infographic on the average costs of medical consultations across 10 countries!

Date of publication August 14, 2015

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