Internships in Europe: the Eurodyssey programme

Eurodyssey programme

Is your post-graduate job search turning into an endless challenge? Instead of sending out a resume for the umpteenth time, land an internship in Europe! Since 1985, the Eurodyssey programme allows young Europeans between 18 and 30 years old to complete an internship in one of the participating regions. Though Eurodyssey isn’t the most renowned exchange programme, it helps over 500 young people each year to gain international experience. 50% of the interns secure a steady job in the months following their internship.

How does the Eurodyssey programme work?

Above all, do not expect to be able to pick any country: all European regions aren’t in the Eurodysse programme. Currently, only 37 AER (Assembly of European Region) member regions in 13 countries are taking part in the programme. You can land an internship in one of the following countries: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland.

Who is eligible?

To take part in the Eurodyssey programme you must:

  • be between 18 and 30 years old,
  • hold a vocational training or higher education diploma,
  • live in one of the programme member regions.

Depending on the region, eligibility criteria, in particular the age limit, might vary. Generally, no specific qualifications are required.

Programme benefits

During their 3 to 7 month-long internship abroad under the Eurodyssey programme, interns are entitled to:

language courses,

  • a monthly grant (usually between €600 and €800),
  • accommodation (some regions will pay the accommodation fees for you),
  • insurance cover for interns abroad,
  • a certificate, issued at the end of the internship.

Also, you will receive assistance during the duration of your internship abroad and will often be able to go on visits or excursions organized by the host region. You will only be paying for your round trip tickets.

Land an internship in Europe!

Ready to use the Eurodyssey programme as a springboard to employment? To find an internship in Europe, check if your region is taking part in the programme. Before you apply, get in touch with your regions’ programme coordinators as procedures might be slightly different from one region to another.

Most of the application process must be completed online :

  • create your profile on the website,
  • check the available internship offers and apply.

Each offer contains a detailed description of the internship conditions. From IT developer, computer graphic designer, receptionist, administrative assistant to junior architect, there’s something for everyone!

If your application is accepted by the host region, you will need to supply additional documentation. A copy of your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is almost always required.

Make the most your experience abroad and remember to send a report to your home and/or host region in the month following the end of your internship!

To find out more about the Eurodyssey programme:

Visit the Eurodyssey website.

Date of publication August 1, 2014

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