Meet Luc and Erwan (WHV Australia)

Luc and Erwan are two young French nationals travelling round Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.
Read the interview they gave us and hear about how they planned their working holiday in Australia and how things are going Down Under.

Tell us about yourselves in a few words

We are both students aged 22 and 23 who were a bit "tired" after several years at university and wanted to take a year out for a dream trip.

Luc on the left and Erwan on the right with their van:


What are your plans?

Our basic plan was to go on a long, fantastic journey ...
Our requirements: a warm country at the other end of the world where you can work without too much trouble. An added bonus would be if it was an island ... and, bingo, it was Australia!

How long has this road trip been forming in your heads and how long did it take to prepare it?

We took the decision to leave a year before the start of our trip, which gave us time to get ready. But to go to Australia, two months of preparation is plenty. You can get a Working Holiday Visa very quickly. Insurance takes three clicks on the internet and there’s lots of info on the net (especially on

Just a few clicks and you’re done!


Date of publication April 25, 2012

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