Studying in France: the MICEFA program

What if Paris became your home for one or two semesters? The MICEFA (Mission Inter-Universitaire de Coordination des Échanges Franco-Américains) program allows US and Canadian students to study in France, in a partner university. Enroll in a worthwhile academic program, improve your language skills and get your fill of French culture!

About the exchange program

The MICEFA program facilitates student exchanges between the United States, Canada and France. There are 14 French university partners, all located in the Paris area. 80 North American universities have also signed a MICEFA exchange agreement. Students may leave either for one semester or for an entire academic year. However, only a limited amount of North American students can take part in the program each year (approximately 200). While abroad, they usually remain enrolled in their home university and pay the corresponding tuition fees. Students will be able to transfer the credit earned in France towards their US or Canadian degree.

Who can take part in the MICEFA program?

To take part in the MICEFA program you must:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student in one of the partner universities,
  • be at least of Sophomore standing,
  • have a good GPA,
  • have a minimum of 4 semesters of college level French language courses.

Enrolling in the MICEFA program

Ready to study in the City of Light? Get in touch with the study abroad office in your university. You must apply well in advance and follow several steps.

1. Prepare your MICEFA application. You must provide a number of supporting documents along with the application form: statement of purpose, copy of the identification pages of your passport, 2 ID pictures, 2 letters of recommendation, official transcripts of all university studies, international health insurance certificate. You should select 3 different host universities.

2. Submit your application at the study abroad office in your university.

3. If you application is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance.

4. Pass the written French placement test.

5. Attend the MICEFA academic Skype appointment.

6. Apply for a long term student visa through CampusFrance.

7. Attend the scheduled interview at the French consulate.

Upon arrival in France, you will be able to take a 3 to 4-week intensive French language course.

To find out more about the MICEFA program:

Visit the MICEFA website.


Date of publication May 3, 2012

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