The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money

Love traveling to new places? Hate coming home broke after the trip? Then it’s time for you to learn how to travel when you don’t have a lot of money to spare.

Pay a little upfront

Sometimes you have to pay a little in order to save a lot. Such is the case with Single Trip Travel Insurance. It can become your financial lifesaver should an unforeseeable emergency occur.

Stay flexible with your travel plans

Be open to starting your travels on any day.Traveling flexibility allows you to grab some deals that you didn’t anticipate purchasing prior to the trip; ultimately saving a little extra cash. Consider vacationing during the off-season as well. You’ll notice a drastic change in the total cost of your trip.

Buy stuff after you’ve landed

Baggage fees. Everyone hates them so, avoid the extra charge by purchasing the small things at your destination. Instead of paying 25$ for the extra toiletry bag, spend 10$ in the travel section at a convenience store near your hotel. You might want to leave a little space in your carry on for the souvenirs you plan on bringing back home. You don’t want extra baggage fees on the way back either.

Be sure to have a microwave

When it comes to saving money on food, booking a room with accommodations that permit cooking is the best bet. You’ll never have to dine at expensive eateries. If you prefer not cooking while on vacation, find a room with a microwave at minimum. You can warm up some leftovers and snack on them before heading out.

Take public transportation

If you are traveling to a destination with a good public transportation system, be sure to take advantage of it. Taking a cab daily can run over your budget. Ride the bus or subway instead.

Sign up for rewards

Get rewarded for spending money. Most airlines offer reward programs that give freebies with every cent you fork over. Sign up for them! Sooner or later you’ll have enough points to book a free flight.

Take pictures as personal souvenirs

Forget paying for overpriced souvenirs. They will end up collecting dust in your home anyway. Take lots of pictures instead! You’ll be able to look at them for many years to come. In fact, looking over the photographs later will most likely inspire you to go on another inexpensive vacation!

Date of publication November 12, 2014