Why You Should Consider Travel Health Insurance When You’re Traveling Abroad

Are you working, volunteering or studying abroad? Are you traveling overseas for a significant amount of time? Although the experience will expose you to most phenomenal moments of your life, it’s important to understand that the difference in culture, food regulations, medical protocol, climate, and/or landscape may have a negative impact on your health at any given moment during your trip. Securing your trip with a travel insurance policy that offers medical coverage will not provide you with Stress Less benefits but can also cover hospital visits, surgery, prescribed medications or any professional medical attention you may need while overseas.


When you’re traveling to a new destination overseas, the first thing you will become aware of is an overwhelming feeling of tiredness - also referred to as “jet-lagged”. The time zone difference may throw your body’s internal clock off balance. When you’re trying to indulge in a new culture that may practice daily rituals that differ from yours, protecting your health from subsiding should be your number one priority. Your travel insurance provider will be the right contact need during these moments.

Food Regulations

Many countries do not follow the same food and safety regulations that the United States implements. Some travelers experience bad food digestion from contaminated produce and others may experience it simply because their bodies are accustomed to a different eating regimen. When you’re abroad, your eating schedule changes and your diet may be something completely out of the ordinary for your digestive system.

Medical/Emergency Protocol

The governing laws overseas are all very distinct from one another and seeking medical attention in a destination where you may not speak the language could become a nightmare. If you are not familiar with the local medical protocol, if any, a good travel insurance plan can help you get acquainted with the steps you need to take in case an illness or injury occurs.

Climate & Landscape

Climate changes and extreme altitudes in certain regions can induce feelings of discomfort. Some people even experience a heightened sense of nausea or major headaches because the body is trying to adjust too quickly. You don’t have to unnecessarily suffer through pain while traveling abroad. You should enjoy your trip with a sense tranquility knowing that travel assistance is accessible if medical emergencies arise.

Travel insurance will provide you with the carefully selected local health resources available worldwide to protect you and your health. Avoid the mishaps. Your health is the most valuable asset to enjoy an adventure-filled life.

Date of publication March 9, 2015

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