Zoom: What is a travel assistance company?

Retrieving trekkers in the Himalayas, repatriating injured holiday-makers and finding a doctor for an emergency appointment abroad: travel assistance companies play several roles in travel insurance and are available 24/7.

Traditionally, the core business of travel assistance companies is connected to travel. Assistance has developed in recent years at other levels, such as home and automotive assistance. Regarding travel, assistance plays a decisive role. In the event of an accident or unforeseen illness, the travel assistance company organises emergency repatriation of the client for medical reasons.

How can you find out whether assistance is included in your insurance policy? It is very simple, when you purchase your trip, you can take out comprehensive travel insurance. This will include a cancellation guarantee, as well as assistance.

The link between the traveller and the helpdesk: the telephone line

The travel assistance company takes care of you from the day of departure through to the day you return. You can reach the helpdesk any time your trip goes wrong. It is of the utmost importance to keep the telephone number of the travel assistance company because in the event of a problem, this is the number to dial. Remember to note it on your mobile phone before your departure along with your policy number.

Once the travel assistance company has been contacted, they may decide to repatriate you should your state of health so require. When someone calls for assistance, the file is processed by a consultant as well as a doctor who will take the appropriate decision. Furthermore, travel assistance companies can cover some hefty fees, the amounts for which are specified in the policies taken out.

Date of publication January 22, 2013

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