Our commitments to Canadian partners

As a professional of insurance, travel or in charge of an affinity group, you must differentiate yourself from the competition.  On the basis of its three values, APRIL International Canada can help you in the sense:


  • Product eligibility criteria expanded, designed and managed exclusively by our company.
  • Provision of clear and factual marketing materials to support your recommendations to your customers or members.
  • An extranet with online pricing tools and follow-up subscriptions.


  • A phone line devoted for sales supports, accounting and management of your specific needs.
  • Service hours adapted to Canadian time slot.
  • Enticing commissions rates.
  • Support on complex claims files.


  • Flexibility and innovation in management processes and multimedia.
  • Opportunity to make available to our partners our call center.
  • Possibility of products under white label.
  • Design of insurance solutions for groups needs outside de norm.