A member of the APRIL Group

By joining the APRIL Group in 1999, APRIL International Expat was able to benefit from the expertise of a multi-specialist insurer with a worldwide presence.

Created in 1988, the APRIL Group provides health, death & disability and liability cover for individuals, professionals (self-employed), businesses and communities.

APRIL advises, designs, manages and markets insurance solutions through a multichannel strategy.

APRIL, some key figures:

  • 1st wholesale broker in France and Canada (in Property & Casualty)
  • 6 million individuals insured
  • €766.3 million turnover in 2014
  • 3,800 employees
  • 45 companies across 34 countries
  • 20,000 distributors around the world

To find out more about the APRIL Group, visit: https://www.april.com/group.