APRIL International Expat cares for the environment

The environment and ecology have become major concerns for businesses and APRIL International Expat makes a valuable contribution in this area by taking practical steps to reduce its environmental impact.

Rivallan Philippe, Director of APRIL International Expat, elaborates on the actions the company has taken in favour of the environment.

What does corporate ecological responsibility mean to you ?
For APRIL International Expat, environmental responsibility means adopting a series of simple and practical measures to reduce - whenever possible - the impact of our activities on the environment.

In practical terms, what action has APRIL International Expat taken in favour of the environment ?
We looked at a number of ways to act in favour of the environment.
APRIL International Expat only works with printers who have been awarded the Imprim'Vert® mark, attesting to their respect for the environment. Imprim'Vert® specifications are based on three simple criteria :

  • proper management of hazardous waste (toner cartridges, rags, solvents, etc.),
  • secure storage of hazardous liquids to prevent accidents and pollution risks,
  • non-use of « toxic » products,
  • increasing our clients’ environmental awareness.

To find out more about the Imprim’Vert® mark, visit their website : www.imprimvert.fr.

Also, APRIL International Expat prints all our sales documentation (information notices, general conditions, business cards and so on) on Cyclus Print paper which is produced from 100% recycled fibres, is chlorine-free (TCF) with a production cycle certified by labels such as the European Ecolabel, the German Blue Angel, ISO etc.

To find out more about Cyclus paper’s ecolabels, visit their website : https://www.cyclus.dk.

Finally, at the end of the year, unused documents are collected and destroyed by the Parisian Recycling Centre, which has been awarded the Qualival label guaranteeing respect for the environment through the adoption of safe processes.

To find out more about the Qualival label, visit the FEDEREC website (French Recovery Federation for Industrial Management of the Environment and Recycling) : https://www.federec.org

Has this eco-citizen approach had any impact on your business ?
Yes. Whenever possible, APRIL International Expat tries to promote paperless communications. For example, APRIL International provides an extranet for our policyholders and partners where they can view all their personal information.
This means we can limit the number of letters sent out and therefore the volume of paper used. Along the same lines, APRIL International Expat offers all its policyholders and partners who have an email address the option to receive information about their policy and their activity by email rather than by post.

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