APRIL International Expat : Key figures

APRIL International Expat is the French market leader in the broking and management of international health insurance. Now present in France, the United States, Mexico and Thailand, the company has grown steadily since it was founded in 1975.

2016 key figures

  • 120,000 individuals covered worldwide,
  • 3 management centres in Paris, Mexico City and Bangkok,
  • 12,000 international students and schoolchildren insured,
  • 1,500 companies insured on behalf of their employees (expats or expat returnees), trainees or visitors,
  • 1 network of 5,000 insurance brokers & agents distributing our insurance solutions in France and abroad,
  • 180 countries covered,
  • more than 150 employees, 17 nationalities and 15 languages spoken,
  • 1 repricing company in the United States.