CFE top-up insurance

APRIL International Expat has signed a number of agreements with the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger to provide CFE top-up insurance.

This CFE top-up insurance provides you with a better level of reimbursement and simplifies administrative procedures.

Why take out CFE top-up insurance?

Like any Social Security Fund, the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger reimburses on the basis of French rates.  In some countries where the cost of care is significantly higher than in France, additional insurance is required, on top of the CFE cover, to improve the level of reimbursement.

Rubelles +, a CFE top-up insurance solution

“A la carte” insurance for expatriates worldwide including comprehensive CFE top-up cover:

  • healthcare,
  • repatriation assistance,
  • personal liability,
  • death and disability,
  • income protection.

Benefits >

APRIL International, a CFE Partner

APRIL International Expat has created a shared management centre to make things easier for CFE members.
This means that a CFE team member works out of our offices to ensure the coordination of our shared files.

The benefits for members with CFE top-up insurance are:

  • a simplified application process: the CFE application form can be submitted along with the Rubelles + application,
  • a single point of contact for all enquiries regarding the processing of claims,
  • faster processing of claims,
  • combined payment of benefits: APRIL International Expat makes a single payment to the insured covering both the CFE benefits and the top-up reimbursement,
  • APRIL International Expat also makes a cash advance if you are hospitalised in a care centre with which the CFE has an agreement. 

You have a single point of contact for enquiries regarding your benefits abroad.

Are there any alternatives to CFE insurance?

If you do not want to join the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger, you can take out health insurance from the first Euro.

This stand-alone insurance covers your medical expenses from the first Euro spent, hence the name.

APRIL International Expat solutions:
- for worldwide trips of up to one year: the Magellan policy
- for worldwide trips of more than one year: the Ambassade policy