Corporate citizenship

APRIL International Expat is committed to protecting the environment and improving the daily lives of disadvantaged populations worldwide. Our community initiative also involves supporting international projects through the promotion of human-scale initiatives: touring Europe by bicycle, a working holiday in Australia or Japan, combining casual work with the discovery of new cultures, round-the-world trips and more.

Social responsibility at APRIL International Expat is founded on three commitments.

1/ Social commitment through:

The creation of the "Association des Assurés d’APRIL International (A³I)" for the benefit of our members (find out more)

2/ Human commitment through:

  • Our sponsorship of young bloggers on a long journey or travelling round the world (find out more)
  • Our signing of the Diversity Charter which commits us to fighting discrimination and implementing a diversity-promoting strategy (find out more)

3/ Environmental commitment through:

  • Partnerships with printers working under the Imprim'Vert charter (find out more)
  • Printing our brochures on Cyclus Print paper (find out more)
  • The destruction and recycling of paper documents
  • The option for our customers to receive their insurance certificates, reimbursement statements and premium notices in electronic rather than paper format