How to take out insurance

Apply online in just 5 minutes:

  1. Select the policy best suited to your needs.
  2. Get an online quote
  3. Purchase your policy online. To apply online you will need:
    • a credit or debit card (payments are processed on our bank's secure website)
    • an email address and a printer.
      The documents sent to your inbox are in PDF format. To open them, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
  4. When your insurance cover has been confirmed, you will receive an email within 5 minutes containing:
  • The final insurance certificate and general conditions of the policy.
  • The application form and health questionnaire (where required) to sign and return to us.
  • If you have opted for monthly payments, you will also receive a direct debit authorisation form containing the bank details you provided. This should also be signed and returned to us.

You should print out these final documents as no other documents will be issued.

If any of the answers you gave in the health questionnaire require further investigation by our medical team, we will contact you within no more than 48 hours (working days).

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Applying by post:

  1. Print, complete and sign the application form.
  2. Enclose correct payment.
  3. Send to:

APRIL International Expat
Service Adhésions
110 avenue de la République
CS 51108
75127 Paris CEDEX 11

Your application will be processed within 24 hours subject to receipt of all required   documents and medical approval.