Insurers of APRIL International Expat policies

To help us design increasingly innovative policies, APRIL International Expat works in partnership with successful and renowned insurers and assistance providers.

For healthcare and death & disability cover:

  • Axéria Prévoyance:
    An APRIL Group subsidiary based in Lyon, Axéria Prévoyance’s turnover reached €324 million in 2010. Standard and Poor’s 2012 rating: A-. Axéria Prévoyance was created in 1989 and specialises in personal insurance.
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  • Groupama Gan Vie:
    In 2010, the 5 Groupama entities (Groupama vie, Gan assurance vie, Gan Eurocourtage vie, Gan patrimoine et Gan prévoyance) merged to form a new company, Groupama Gan Vie. A limited company based in Paris, Groupama Gan Vie aims to cover various markets ranging from healthcare to retirement and death & disability. In 2011, the group recorded turnover of €17.2 billion.
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  • Quatrem:
    France’s fifth largest group insurance provider. In 2010, Quatrem’s turnover was €1,139 million with 501 employees.
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  • Allianz France: 
    A subsidiary of the Allianz group, Allianz France is a general insurer (damage insurance, personal insurance, legal protection and banking). It has more than 5 million clients and  achieved turnover of 11.02 billion euros in 2011.

For repatriation assistance:

  • Axa Assistance:
    A service provider and wholly-owned subsidiary of Axa Group, Axa Assistance achieved turnover of €929 million in 2010 and employed 6,300 staff worldwide.
  • ACE Europe:
    A branch of ACE European Group with turnover of $19 billion in 2010 and 16,000 employees across 53 countries.
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For personal liability cover:

  • Gan Eurocourtage:
    Gan Eurocourtage is France’s third largest insurer operating in the broking market. The company is dedicated to the Property & Casualty and group insurance markets for both corporate and individual clients. In 2012, Gan Eurocourtage recorded turnover of €1,587 billion.
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For legal assistance:

  • SOLUCIA Protection Juridique:
    Solucia Protection Juridique is an APRIL Group insurance company, created in January 2007. It designs legal protection solutions to protect its insured members against difficulties which may arise in a private or professional capacity.
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For cancellation-assistance cover:

  • Mondial Assistance International AG:
    Located at Tour Gallieni II, 36, avenue du Général de Gaulle, 93175 Bagnolet Cedex, FRANCE.

APRIL International Expat also contacts other insurers to obtain quotes specifically for company employees.