Managing your policy

For nearly 40 years, APRIL International Expat has designed, managed and distributed a full range of international insurance solutions. Our experience of managing insurance plans has enabled us to acquire an in-depth knowledge of health systems abroad. Our policies are offered as a package or à la carte and provide one or all of the following types of cover: medical expenses, repatriation, personal liability, death & disability, cancellation insurance, legal protection, counselling etc.

Before you leave, our expert advisors are on hand to help you choose the best international insurance, to suit your circumstances.

We then stay with you to ensure that nothing disrupts your time abroad: problems understanding medical vocabulary, healthcare costs which can be exorbitant, difficulty finding a medical provider you can trust, a touch of the blues ... so many situations you will face once you are there and for which you can count on APRIL International Expat.

Our multilingual administration teams and our medical examiner are on hand to :

  • Contact your hospital to settle your bill directly and avoid you having to make a cash advance,
  • Send you any medical forms you might need (medical reports, requests for prior agreement, claims for reimbursement etc.),
  • Tell you about any additional services (third party payment, geolocation, home consultation etc.) to which you may be entitled.

Depending on the policy and the option you have selected, you will receive full support in your own language and rapid processing of your claims in line with your cover. APRIL International Expat handles more than 400 files per day.

Depending on your profile, we also offer a number of services to make your life simpler :

  • Access to a shared claims management centre (for policyholders with CFE top-up cover). A CFE team, based in our offices, is solely responsible for processing your claims for reimbursement,
  • An electronic transfer service (for policyholders with French Social Security top-up cover) means that you no longer need to send us your reimbursement statements.

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