Introducing APRIL International Expat's mobile app

Designed to assist you, wherever you are in the world, our mobile app APRIL Expat will help you deal with the issues you might face as an expatriate, whether in everyday life or in an emergency.

APRIL Expat provides a mine of information including:

- EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about your host country: international airports, best places to visit, compulsory and recommended vaccinations, doctor consultation fees, quality of the care network etc.

- A 100 MEDICAL TERMS and around 30 COMMON EXPRESSIONS translated into 13 languages with a pronunciation guide for Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Russian and Thai! Now you’ll be able to say “What time is it?”, “I’ve got a headache.” or “Can you help me please?” in your language of choice!

- Free access to a MEDICAL DATABASE including over 1,000 hospitals worldwide.  A search facility with a geolocation option directs you to the hospitals closest to your home or your destination. Type of hospital (private or public), languages ​​spoken, full address etc.  You get valuable information abroad and details of APRIL International Expat’s care partners. You can add their details to your favorites and contacts or call the care provider directly. You can also rate the health professionals by leaving a comment.

- EMERGENCY NUMBERS at your fingertips: no need to memorise phone numbers; the APRIL Expat mobile app provides you the numbers for medical emergencies, and police or fire service in the country of your choice as well as the numbers you need to dial to access the services provided under your APRIL International Expat policy.

Discover all the available features and download the APRIL Expat app by clicking below: