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To simplify procedures and assist you wherever you are in the world, two mobile apps are available.

New: APRIL Easy Claim

By signing in with your Customer Zone login information, access the Easy Claim service to:
- send a claim for reimbursement of healthcare expenses, up to €400 per invoice, 
- check your latest reimbursements in the « My latest reimbursements » section,
- view your claims history, in the « My claims history » section,
- view your notifications.

To send a claim for reimbursement, all you need to do is:

- select the beneficiary and enter the date of treatment,
- write the anti-fraud code on your original documents,
- attach pictures of your invoices and medical prescriptions,
- send your claim with a simple click!
You may also:
- access the Easy Claim user guide in the « Help » or « Legal information » sections,
- try the Easy Claim app without logging in by clicking on « Guided access ».

This service only is available for specific policies.

Check out the Easy Claim demo video!

Free download on:



To help you prepare your trip and assist you upon destination, the APRIL Expat app includes:

 - a country guide,

- common expressions and medical terms in 13 languages,

 - a checklist,

 - a medical database of healthcare providers worldwide,

 - the local emergency number.
Free download on:

Our apps are available in English, French, Spanish and German.