January 2012

In 2011, APRIL International Expat launched our sponsorship and support of Handicap International and The Foundation for Nature and Mankind.

One year on, the associations report back :

« For Handicap International, 2011 will remain a year deeply marked by large-scale emergencies »

The association has taken action to help thousands of vulnerable people who have been affected by dramatic events. We have provided support to the wounded and displaced fleeing conflict in Ivory Coast, as well as refugees from Somalia in the Dadaab refugee camps in northern Kenya. We are also responding to the emergency in India and Pakistan following the recent floods there. At the same time, the association pursues its activities in Haiti and Pakistan following the major crises that hit both these countries in 2010 and is currently running development programmes in over 50 countries. Finally, Handicap International continues unabated its fight against the explosive remnants of war which continue to terrorise populations and perpetuate poverty in over 80 countries and territories worldwide. In 2012, as the association reaches its 30th anniversary, with your support, Handicap International will continue to work alongside those who are most vulnerable and fight the injustice done to those who have been forgotten.

Handicap International


« During 2011, the Foundation for Nature and Mankind continued to work for the mobilisation of the general public »

The personal Carbon Coach initiative and eco-volunteering were very successful (with 30,000 signing up for the Carbon Coach). Studies are also underway involving solar photovoltaics, energy supply and economic tools for the management of biodiversity. The Foundation also financially supported almost 150 projects in 2011, the majority of which are located in metropolitan France. On the international front, 17 projects were selected overseas and several southern countries, including Senegal, Vietnam and the Republic of Mali, received aid from the Foundation’s South Solidarity Fund. In 2012, the work of the Foundation will be focusing on energy with the launch of an awareness campaign and working with players in the field of energy to generate new proposals.

The Foundation for Nature and Mankind