Our expertise

We have been specialising in international health insurance for 40 years.

Our international insurance solutions, together with many additional services, mean we can cover the needs of all types of expatriate and support them worldwide.

Before their departure, our expert advisors are on hand to help them choose the best international insurance, tailored to their age, marital status, country of expatriation and need for cover.

Our multilingual teams then stay with them throughout the duration of their stay abroad, whether for the reimbursement of medical expenses, the direct payment of hospital charges, the organisation of emergency repatriation or anything else that might disrupt their time abroad.

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Every year at APRIL International Expat we set ourselves the task of creating new services for our policyholders to make their lives easier and bring them real peace of mind during their time abroad.

Our most recent partnerships with Almerys, Aetna and Caremark mean that our expatriates in France or the United States can benefit from exclusive third party payment services and avoid having to make large cash advances.

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