APRIL International Expat provides sponsorship of unusual or daring travel plans. We would like to share with you our partners passion for travel and give you the opportunity to follow them as they journey to the four corners of the world.

Nani Nani!

APRIL International Expat is partnering two young French nationals on a working holiday in Japan.

This is a year-long trip in which APRIL International Expat is proud to play a part.

Once Upon A Trip

APRIL International Expat is partnering the project, Once Upon A Trip launched by 2 young people.

This is a year-long world tour including 6 months in Australia and 3 months in New Zealand.

Project Bike For 3

APRIL International Expat is partnering the Bike for 3 project launched by 5 students from the 3A school.

This is a 2,700 km cycle across Balkan Europe which they are recording in a travelogue and pictures. This project is not just a sporting challenge but a human experience as well as a final report which forms part of their studies.

  • Breakdown of the route :

    Breakdown of the route Project Bike for 3
  • The project in numbers :
    - 9 countries
    - 5 students
    - 1 bike for 3
    - 1 tandem
    - 2 months
    - 2 continents
  • To find out more :
    Visit the website :

Let's Go 2 Australia

APRIL International Expat is partnering the project, Let's Go 2 Australia launched by 2 young students.

This is a journey across Australia in a van as part of a Working Holiday Programme. This 8-month road trip gave Erwan and Luc the opportunity to go right round Australia !