APRIL International Expat communicates regularly with expatriates and insurance professionals to promote its insurance solutions.
These are a selection of press releases to keep you up to date with our news.

The latest press releases


  • APRIL International Expat launches its first mobile application: APRIL Expat

APRIL makes life simpler for travellers and expatriates with its new mobile application: APRIL Expat. Objective: stress-free planning of your trip and helpful information to ensure everything goes smoothly once you arrive, every day and in emergencies.

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  • Broking Awards 2011: APRIL wins the « Healthcare » award

At the 9th annual Broking Awards, held during the insurance event, « Journées du Courtage » (2011), the APRIL subsidiary, APRIL International Expat was presented with the « Healthcare » award from among eight categories. The award was made in recognition of their policy "APRIL Social Security top-up insurance for expatriates in France", the first top-up insurance solution specially designed to make life simpler for expatriates.

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  • APRIL International launches new, simplified and user-friendly services for their policyholders

APRIL International is expanding its offering with a set of services for their policyholders with the creation of partnerships with American specialists, Caremark and Olympus. Managing their healthcare is made easier for policyholders who will be issued with a third party payment card and have access to a home consultation service.

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  • Success for the Special WHP Package launched in 2009 by APRIL International and the CFE

APRIL International announces the success of the « Special WHP Package » launched in the second half of 2009 in partnership with the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE). This product is the first health insurance policy to give individuals on working holidays equivalent cover to French Social Security coupled with private top-up insurance.

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  • APRIL International creates a schools unit

As the third most popular host country after the US and the UK, France occupies an important place in the international mobility of students. APRIL International is supporting the heads of « international relations » departments through the establishment of a special unit dedicated to schools and universities.

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  • APRIL International launches the 1st health insurance policy specially designed for Dutch nationals living in France

With 60,000 Dutch impatriates living in the country, France would seem particularly attractive to this nationality. Whether they are retired or in employment, Dutch nationals who settle in France can, under certain conditions, join the French health insurance scheme for reimbursement of their medical expenses.

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  • APRIL International launches new cover for employees on assignment abroad: « APRIL Mission Business »

Members of a sales team sent to an exhibition abroad, executives attending a General Assembly, technicians carrying out maintenance work, auditors doing market research and so on, companies are often required to send their employees out of their home countries for short or long-term assignments (1 to 180 days).

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  • APRIL International now offers travel insurance for groups, « Ulysses Special Group »

To provide better protection for trip organisers against all risks of group travel cancellation and to better address the concerns of budget-conscious French nationals, APRIL International has designed « Ulysses Special Group ».

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  • APRIL International launches the very first product in France offering cover for europatriates: Euro Cover +

What have a young French student on the Erasmus programme, a retired English couple with a home in Perigord and a German lawyer working in Italy and living in France got in common ?

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  • APRIL International launches a new policy, Ulysse, the latest type of travel cancellation insurance

For holidays with real peace of mind, APRIL International has launched the new version of their Ulysse policy starting at just 17 euros. Intended for trips of 3 up to months, Ulysse travel insurance is a genuine response to new consumer demand in the travel industry.

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  • APRIL International launches the new version of their « Ambassade » policy

Greater flexibility for expatriate health insurance with a highly modular offer. It is estimated that more than 230,000 French nationals leave France « for good » each year. In total, there are almost 2.39 million French expatriates worldwide.

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  • APRIL International hosts a CFE claims management centre

To improve the quality of their services, APRIL International, the international insurance specialist, and the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger joined forces to offer their shared policyholders a single claims management centre within APRIL International’s offices in early 2009.

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