Worldwide medical assistance

The April International UK emergency assistance partner is CEGA Group Services.

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24-hour multilingual assistance service is included as standard within all April International UK insurance solutions.

Together with CEGA we are able to ensure all April International UK clients always have someone on call in the event of a medical emergency.  CEGA’s highly professional, multi-lingual and experienced medical team offer complete reassurance to our clients in times of need.

There are many scenarios where medical assistance is required either in an emergency, for routine procedures and for pre-authorisation of medical treatment costs and CEGA are here to support those who are sick or injured throughout the world. 

Available throughout the year are personal incident managers to provide you with a single point of contact to assist you through the whole process from assistance to claim.

It is also comforting to know that CEGA has an extensive team of full time doctors and nurses on hand in order to accommodate doctor to doctor discussions and verify that the right treatment has been prescribed for our clients and if required provide additional medical expertise. 

In more serious cases, it is sometimes necessary to make arrangements for our clients to be evacuated to a more suitable facility in a neighbouring country to ensure you always have access to first class private medical treatment.

The nature of the medical condition and our client’s location are often the key factors when arranging evacuation transport and the type of medical escort required. CEGA’s medical teams are experts in the medical, regulatory and logistical processes involved and customise each evacuation in the most suitable and cost effective way possible.