Drinking is the last vice to go, according to results of April International UK research!

With the weight of the government, medical practitioners and health advisory bodies all advising that we become more health conscious, it is reassuring to know that part of the message is at least is getting through, according to the results of recent research, with drinking being the last vice to go! We undertook the research as part of an ongoing project to evaluate trends and attitudes amongst retail clients and brokers. Overall in this year’s research, more people felt that obese people should be refused some forms of healthcare treatment – 44% in fact felt this strongly, reflecting a rise in the apparent intolerance towards those who may not be perceived as looking after themselves properly. Three times as many respondents claimed that they have given up smoking this year -and it will be interesting to see what effect the UK smoking ban imposed on 1 July has on the numbers giving up over the coming months.

Equally the number of respondents claiming they were eating less fast food has risen from 55% previously to over 70% in this year’s research. However, the numbers cutting down on drinking has not changed significantly, suggesting that this is the last vice to go! Perhaps because of the change in attitude reflected in the research results, the lack of wellbeing assessments was highlighted as a major weakness in the policies on offer.

More and more of us, it seems, are taking care of our health and listening to the health issues. Debbie Purser, CEO, April International UK comments, “We have undertaken this research over the past few years to help us respond more effectively to the needs of our clients. Because of this, we have offered a Wellness Benefit in our comprehensive plans for individuals and groups for several years now. This benefit adds a heightened level of reassurance for those individuals and employers looking for wellbeing checks, dovetailing perfectly with an already comprehensive range of cover.