Worldwide health insurance cover: Recession broadens horizons in search for work

According to an online survey by healthcare insurance provider, April International UK, over two thirds of expatriate professionals are considering moving countries to escape the recession. With the recession being global in its nature, it seems professional workers all over the world are now being forced to consider broadening their options when it comes to searching for work. April International UK specialises in providing cover for expats working overseas, and with 30 years of experience in supporting the international business community worldwide is in an excellent position to examine trends of its existing and potential policyholders.

The company has seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries regarding healthcare cover over the past 12 months, as it seems workers are considering taking themselves and in some cases their families to new countries to work.  Despite the increasingly global nature of workforce migration, according to industry figures, close to 50 per cent of expats have no healthcare insurance when working away from their home country.

This puts individuals at high risk should something go wrong. Those with health insurance are able to retrieve most healthcare expenses, from the cost of over the counter medicines to, in the worst case scenario, the need for an airlift to the nearest hospital or repatriation. Without cover, these costs must be borne by the individual, so having the right comprehensive healthcare policy in place reduces the risk of any nasty financial shocks. Commenting on the survey, Debbie Purser, CEO with April International UK said: “Despite the slowdown in the global economy, this survey and our own records show that individuals are setting their sights beyond their own national boundaries when it comes to looking for work. Only a quarter of our clients are UK passport holders, and so we are able to gauge these patterns of movement for many nationalities accurately. Whereas low income workers traditionally return home in periods of recession, it seems white collar professionals are more likely to look for work in new overseas territories. Anyone working or thinking of moving abroad for work should look at the healthcare system of the country they are moving to, as it is unlikely they will be covered in any significant way.  April International UK provides comprehensive healthcare cover in nearly every country in the world, providing safeguards for its clients in all matters relating to health.”