Managing your policy

For over 30 years, we have been carefully designing international private health insurance policies for individuals and companies alike. Our experience of managing the complexities of these insurance plans means that we now have clients drawn from 86 nationalities living in nearly 120 countries worldwide.

Individual clients can be insured on a single basis or with their partner and family. We can even arrange to insure children resident in a separate country, so for example, if your children were studying in Europe and you were resident in the Far East, we can arrange suitable cover under a single agreement.

Our detailed technical knowledge of working with companies to design Group plans gives us the ability to offer reduced premium rates on international health cover where three or more employees are insured. Where a group scheme consists of 10 or more employees, we can offer bespoke terms, such as medical history disregarded. Company schemes can be offered to give differing levels of cover in differing countries around the world, which can be useful if only top up cover is required in some regions. Health cover can also be tailored to offer higher level of cover to “key men” in selected countries too.

All of our policies cover the basics, such as hospital inpatient and outpatient care and repatriation costs. We are also one of the few companies to offer comprehensive chronic care cover, which includes the costs of medication both today and into the future. Clients can then choose to add on a range of benefits depending upon their individual requirements. In total, we have four levels of cover to choose from.

A flexible choice of insurance voluntary excess allows you to choose how much you would like to contribute towards the cost of a claim from zero up to £10,000, which then allows savings of up to 50% of the premium cost.

Finally, our multi-currency claims facility means that you can be reimbursed in any currency that can be freely purchased by our bank and not subject to foreign exchange controls.