Management of compensation files

From the event through to possible refund, the file is handled and processed by our Customer Care Department. Read on for an explanation of the key stages and usual procedure. Zoom on compensation files

The procedure is triggered when a client opens a file. Once the information sent to the Customer Care Department (especially with regard to the grounds for opening it), Customer Care sends the client a file to be filled in, with printouts.

The list of items to be produced varies according to the grounds for opening the file. The client can send us the evidence by e-mail, post or fax. The client sends back the printouts once they have filled them in, as well as the list of items to be produced given the grounds for requesting compensation.

Once the file has been received by APRIL International Voyage, it is examined by the Customer Care Department.

Should any items be missing, the client is contacted and asked to complete the file.

If the request for compensation is accepted, a cheque will be sent to the client (or the amount will be wired if the person lives abroad).

NB, the client has two years to put together all the items for their file.