Garanties Mobilité Entreprise

Insurance for expatriate employees

Does your international development activity mean sending some of your employees abroad on assignment or secondment? Take a look at our comprehensive insurance solution with fully flexible benefits and a range of associated services!

Who is this policy designed for ?

Businesses with expatriate or seconded employees worldwide, with or without a basic scheme

Key features

  • Personalised needs analysis within 48 hours
  • Fully flexible benefits which can be selected to meet your needs and your budget
  • Sustainable pricing thanks to highly efficient claims management and healthcare networks
  • Internal medical team to support the employees: case management, medical care and compassionate link
  • Multilingual assistance and telephone support 24/7


GME benefits are fully flexible to meet the needs of your expatriate employees.

  • Medical expenses up to €500,000

3 options:

  • Essentiel : Hospitalisation cover only
  • Equilibre : Hospitalisation + Routine healthcare cover
  • Majeur : Hospitalisation + Routine healthcare + Optical-Dental cover

3 types of cover

  • Social Security top-up for your seconded employees
  • CFE top-up
  • From the 1st euro

3 percentages of reimbursement: 100%, 90% or 80% of actual costs

  • Repatriation assistance
  • Personal liability (private capacity)
  • Death & Disability: Death all causes, Accidental death, Funeral expenses, Educational allowance, Income protection, Disability...

Competitive pricing

  • A detailed needs analysis allows us to offer you customised, attractive and sustainable pricing set according to:
    • the demographics of the group to be insured,
    • your employees' professional activity,
    • the cover selected.
  • Individual and family pricing available

Practical information

We can also offer add-on services to provide more comprehensive support for the management of your expatriate employees:

  • Accounts, audit and social affairs,
  • Administrative management (visas, Social Security declarations etc.).

Associated services

  • Claims processed within 48 hours
  • Direct payment of hospital charges worldwide (no cash advance required from your employee)
  • Free choice of doctor or hospital
  • Third party payment for treatment received in France from over 100,000 healthcare professional partners
  • Personalised insurance card for each employee and their dependants

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Garanties Mobilité Entreprise is a product of APRIL International Expat (ex APRIL Mobilité) – a French company registered in Paris (under number 309 707 727) and with ORIAS (under number 07 008 000) whose headquarters are located at 110 avenue de la république - 75011 PARIS France

This product is designed, administered and distributed by APRIL International Expat and insured : For medical expenses by Allianz France, Quatrem, and Gan; For death & disability by Allianz France, Swiss Life, Quatrem and Gan; For repatriation assistance, Personal liability - private capacity and Accidental disability by ACE EUROPE
The services are designed and distributed by APRIL International Expat.

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