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Looking for suitable insurance for your Schengen visa application?

Schengen Visa - Travel Insurance

Visitors of every nationalities holidaying in Schengen countries for a maximum period of 3 months

  • In accordance with all the necessary requirements for Schengen visa
  • Accommodation Certificate immediately available for online subscriptions

Are you a company?
Take a look at our solutions for insuring your foreign national employees in France  

Staying in France as part of a trip, a family gathering or simply visiting friends or relatives?
Do you need to apply for a Schengen visa?

To get a Schengen visa you need to take out medical and assistance cover for the entire duration of your stay in France.
Our insurance solutions, Welcome Cover and Visit'Assur meet all the Schengen visa requirements.

APRIL International, specialists in Schengen insurance

Are you coming to France in a family or private capacity? Looking for Schengen insurance with medical expenses and repatriation assistance and which meet Schengen visa requirements?
For nearly 40 years, APRIL International has been specialising in health insurance for foreign nationals in France (impatriates) and French expatriates.
We will support you throughout the process by offering a choice of two Schengen insurance packages with either minimum or extensive cover to meet your needs and your budget.
Compare our prices in just a few clicks and get a Schengen travel insurance quote online. You can buy your policy directly on our website using our online application system. Policies are available for next-day departure and you will get your insurance certificate by email in just a few minutes.
Our advisors are available to answer all your questions on Schengen insurance. Feel free to contact them if you need any information on the policies and benefits on offer.

* minimum price provided as an illustration and subject to conditions