Voyage Prestige Insurance

For a luxury cruise, an exceptional world tour, a dream holiday, a contract adapted to high class services...

Find the cancellation insurance that is most adapted to luxury travel in France or abroad.

Who is this policy designed for ?

Travellers residing in the European Union, Monaco or Switzerland who travel around the world for a maximum duration of 90 days.

Key features

  • Voyages can be covered up to €50,000 per person
  • A "Premium" cancellation coverage which covers all hazards, justified and preventing departure
  • Luggage insured up to €3,000 per person


Cancellation + Luggage
 You want to be covered for any problems that may prevent or delay your departure:

  • "Premium" travel cancellation which covers all hazards, justified and preventing departure
  • Theft, partial or total destruction or loss during transport by the transportation company
  • Late delivery of luggage > 12 hours (on outgoing flight only)
  • Cost of re-issuing identity papers (in the event of theft)

Useful documents

Competitive pricing

From 6.9% of the total cost of voyage including tax (minimum price for information only, subject to conditions)

Practical information

  • Contract for travellers who reside in a European Union Member State, Monaco or Switzerland.
  • Age limit for taking out the policy: none
  • Medical formalities: none

Travel cancellation in practice:
The cancellation fees charged by the travel organiser when you cancel your travel are calculated using cancellation table. The fees applying to your trip are available in the Terms and Conditions, given when you purchase your services.

The Prestige insurance in practice:
This contract covers travel up to €50,000 per person (and €200,000 per event).

List of excluded countries and/or states

Areas excluded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Voyage Prestige Insurance is a product of APRIL International Voyage (ex TMS CONTACT) - a French company registered in Paris (under number 384 706 941) and with ORIAS (under number 007 028 567) whose headquarters are located at 26 rue Bénard – 75014 PARIS France

The Prestige Insurance is designed, distributed and managed by April International Voyage and underwritten by ALLIANZ EUROCOURTAGE