FAQ - Health insurance in Singapore

  • Why do I have to buy international health insurance? 

    Singapore can boast world-class medical facilities but health expenses run high here. Don’t underestimate the change of environment, tropical climate, air-conditioning, etc. on your health let alone other accidents and emergencies. Discover more about why you need a good health cover in Singapore in our article.

  • I already have health insurance in my country of origin. Do I need another one in Singapore?  

    Your health insurance covers you only in your country of origin. If you travel for a long period or move in to Singapore, you will need an international health insurance.

  • I already have a local health insurance in Singapore. Do I need an additional insurance? 

    You may already have a health insurance but it is not guaranteed that it covers all your needs and you may end up with paying great medical expenses out of your pocket, especially in case of hospitalization. In order to avoid those situations, it is wise to get an international health insurance or to top-up your actual insurance to be fully covered.

  • Is MyHEALTH a family health insurance? 

    Yes, MyHEALTH can cover all your family. We have a special "Community" discount so you can optimize your insurance premium and cover all your beloved ones.

  • Do all the members of the family have to choose the same plan? 

    We understand that all the family members don’t have the same needs that is why you can adapt your insurance policy according to everyone needs while still benefiting from the "Community" discount.

  • I am planning several trips throughout the year. Will my insurance cover health costs when
    I am traveling out of Singapore? 

    MyHEALTH is an international health insurance, which covers you wherever in the world (according to the zone you choose and your policy). Ankle sprain in Vietnam or cold in Germany? Don’t worry; we take over all of your medical expenses.

  • What is policy deductible and how is it applied? 

    The policy excess (or annual deductible) defines the annual amount over which the insurer will reimburse your expenses. You agree to pay what is under this limit. The excess is defined with your adviser when subscribing a policy.

  • When does my cover start? 

    You are covered by your insurance once your application is duly completed, and after all medical information have been reviewed and approved by our underwriting team and when your payment has been received. This process takes up to 3 business day provided that we have all the information needed.

  • If I need medical treatment, will I have to pay my bills out of my pocket? 

    No, you can benefit from our cashless medical network. This applies also when you are travelling and need medical help abroad. If you have your preferred health professional that does not belong to the networks, you will have pay in advance and send us your bill along with a claim form to be reimbursed.

  • Can I get online reimbursement? 

    Yes, you don’t need to send us your bills by mail post but simply scan them and send us by e-mail (invoice & claim form duly completed). This applies for bills up to SGD 400. If you don’t want to bother with bills, you can visit our cashless medical network.

  • How soon will I get reimbursed? 

    If you choose to visit a health professional from our cashless medical network you will have nothing to pay. If you prefer to go to a doctor outside of our network, you will have to send us your claims and invoices duly completed and we will reimburse you up to 5 business days once we have all the documents.

  • What is the difference between travel insurance and international expat insurance? 

    Travel insurance provides you with a short-term health coverage while you are abroad and some additional services: missed flight, repatriation, lost luggage, etc. whereas international expat health insurance is a long-term health cover that takes care of all your medical expenses abroad (even when travelling). We also offer additional services such as a cashless medical network, free second medical opinion, repatriation, etc.

  • Is there an advisor I can meet in Singapore? 

    Yes, we are happy to welcome you in our office or meet you wherever is comfortable for you to provide you with the best service and help you find the best cover that suits your needs. We take great joy in answering all of your questions and make sure you don’t worry about health concerns in Singapore. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.