Long Term International Health Insurance FAQ

  • Who needs international health insurance? 

    International health insurance is designed to ensure individuals and families who will be living, working or travelling abroad have access to private medical facilities should medical treatment be required.

  • What is the difference between long-term international health insurance and short-term
    international health insurance? 

    The Long-Term International Health Plan is designed for expats in need of an annual, renewable medical insurance. Our Short-Term International Health Plan is available to individuals and families who will be working or travelling abroad for periods of 1 month up to 1 year.

  • Is there a limit for the cost of treatment I may receive? 

    The Long-Term International Health Plan provides cover up to an annual aggregate limit of £1,000,000 / $2,000,000 / €1,500,000 per person per policy year.

  • What is the maximum age I can apply for a long-term and short-term plan? 

    The maximum age you can apply for our Long-Term International Health Plan is 70 years. If you are over 65 at the time of application you must complete a full medical underwriting application prior to enrolment.

  • Will pre-existing conditions be covered in the plan? 

    Unfortunately we cannot offer cover for any pre-existing conditions on our Long-Term International Health Plan. We define a pre-existing condition as "Any medical condition that has been in existence in the 2 years prior to starting a policy".

  • Where can I use my insurance plan? 

    We have two scopes of cover to choose from; Area One (Worldwide excluding the USA and Caribbean), and Area Two (Worldwide). You have full portability of benefits within this scope of cover (including your home country).
    We also provide full freedom of choice as to which medical facilities you can use for treatment – no limitation with networks of doctors or hospitals.

  • Is my Family covered with an international health plan? 

    The plan can be taken on an individual basis, partner/spouse or a family basis. For a family plan all children must be under the age of 17 unless they are in full-time education - which would then extend their eligible age to 18 – 24.

  • Will pregnancy and maternity costs be eligible in my plan? 

    Providing a plan has been purchased with the inclusion of Maternity Care Benefits, and a 1 year wait period has been fulfilled before we can cover costs of pregnancy and childbirth.