Short-Term International Health Plan

Short-term international private medical insurance cover for individuals and families working or travelling abroad.

Professionals on international short-term work assignments? Taking a gap year to travel the world? Our comprehensive international short-term health insurance solutions provide peace of mind for you when on a trip overseas.

Who is this policy designed for ?

Individuals and families who are seeking international private medical insurance cover while abroad for periods between 1 month to a year.

Key features

  • Available to all nationalities.
  • Designed for all nature of trips- work assignments, worldwide travel, au pairs and nannies and missionaries
  • Access to top private hospitals.
  • Passive war cover included as standard for travel in dangerous locations.
  • Multi-currency claims settlements direct into your bank account.
  • Prompt claims settlements within 5 working days.


Overall aggregate limit per certificate period
Pre-Authorisation is required for all claims where the costs are likely to exceed £1,000/$1,700/€1,400 and for all claims under benefits marked *.
If you fail to contact the 24 hour assistance company for pre-authorisation it will result in you being responsible for 50% of the costs of each claim.

Inpatient Treatment Benefits

Hospital Services *
Accommodation and meal charges
All inpatient treatment
Physician fees
Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees
Intensive care unit charges
Full Refund
Accident and Emergency Room Treatment
Full Refund
Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment *
Treatment in a hospital psychiatric unit
Full Refund
up to a Maximum 15 Days
Daycare Treatment
Where a period of recovery is required in a hospital bed
Full Refund
Internal Prostheses, Medical Aids and Devices
Which are required intra-operatively
Full Refund

Outpatient Treatment Benefits

Outpatient Services
GP, Specialist & Consultant Fees, Prescription Drugs, X-rays, diagnostic & pathology tests, including MRI & CT + PET scans
Complementary Therapies
Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Acupuncture
Up to £5,000/$10,000/€7,500 £50/$100/€75 excess per claim#
External Prostheses, Medical Aids & Devices
Where medically required following Inpatient Treatment, Daycare Treatment or Accident & Emergency Room Treatment

Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment following an Accident
To restore or repair sound natural teeth
Emergency Dental Treatment
For the immediate relief of dental pain

Evacuation/Repatriation Assistance

Emergency Medical Evacuation *
Full Refund
Emergency Medical Evacuation - Supplementary Expenses *
Costs of travel to return to Home Country or Country of Residence
Hotel accommodation costs for companion if not returned to Home Country
Policy will automatically cancel 30 days after return to Home Country following emergency medical evacuation.
Single economy air ticket
up to 12 nights
Emergency Medical Reunion *
Costs of travel and hotel accomodation of a close family member if you are in hospital for 5 consecutive days
Single economy air ticket
up to 12 nights
Compassionate Home Travel *
Costs of travel to Home Country in the event of the death of a close family member
One return economy air ticket
Repatriation/Local Burial *
Where death occurs outside the Home Country
Local Road Ambulance Services
Full Refund
Emergency Non-Medical Evacuation *
Evacuation to a safe location in the event of life threatening situations resulting from political or civil unrest
Evacuation to a safe location in the event of a natural disaster
Full Refund

Out of Area Extension

Out of Area Extension
For accidents and emergency conditions only
Max 30 days

Pre-Existing Condition Cover

Pre-Existing Condition Cover
For acute episodes of existing conditions (available to applicants aged under 50 purchasing a policy of at least three months duration)

Home Country Cover

Home Country Cover
Treatment of emergency medical conditions or acute episodes of existing covered medical conditions whilst on a temporary visit to the Home Country
Up to benefit limits shown above Max 30 days

Additional Services

RED 24 Services
Blood Care Foundation
Best Doctors - Second Medical Opinion Service

# A claim is considered to be a course of treatment per diagnosed
medical condition

Competitive pricing

  • Cover available from as little as £50 per month excluding local taxes.
  • Premiums quoted in GBP, USD and Euro's.

Practical information

  • Cover available from a minimum of a 1 month period up to a maximum of 12 months.
  • 6 month policy extension available     
  • Cover not available for long term stay in the USA or the Caribbean. 
  • 24/7 multilingual medical assistance.
  • Pre-authorisation required for inpatient claims.

Associated services

  • All fully documented claims reimbursed within 5 working days.
  • Dedicated support available 24 hours a day.
  • Free to choose the hospital and doctors who you are treated by within your area of cover.
  • Direct settlements available for all inpatient hospital costs.
  • First class insurance security applied to all policies.
  • Highest service levels in the industry.

Short-Term International Health Plan is a product of APRIL International UK - A British company registered in London (under number 7261287) and with the Financial Conduct Authority (under number 574454) whose headquarters are located at Minster House, 42 Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AE, United Kingdom 

This product is designed, administered and distributed by APRIL International UK and insured by either Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd registered at 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BG (under number 574454) and 423308 with the Financial Conduct Authority or Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited Ltd registered at 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BG (under number 01815126) and 204848 with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Peace of mind when working or travelling abroad