We want to make travel insurance the last thing on your travel checklist to worry about. Here below we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to answer your questions. Click on the question to see the answer. Have more questions? Contact us so we can help.


  • 1. What are the requisites to purchase an APRIL Travel Protection policy?

    Simple. Provide the following information at the time of booking your travel insurance policy via our site, call center, or through our distribution partners:

    • Personal information of all travelers, including dates of birth
    • Permanent U.S. address for all travelers*
    • Trip details, including dates of travel, destination, travel companies to be used and total trip cost.

    *Clients need to be U.S. residents, not citizens.

  • 2. When should I purchase my APRIL Travel Protection policy?

    It is recommended to purchase the travel insurance policy as soon as you make your initial trip deposit. You don’t need to have paid the trip in full, but you do need to provide a reasonable estimated trip cost in order for our assistance team to provide you with the most accurate quote and plan.

  • 3. Travel Assistance vs Travel Insurance

    While both terms are used interchangeably, Travel Assistance and Travel Insurance provide different types of coverages. The APRIL Travel Protection products combine both travel assistance services in the incident that emergency support is needed while traveling AND travel insurance protection for the monetary losses incurred during any insurable emergencies.

  • 4. What are the general terms and conditions?

    With every policy purchased, APRIL policyholders will receive the Summary of Benefits information, Coverage Letter, and the General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions will outline all the requirements, rules, exclusions and standards of the policies as per deemed by our underwriter American Modern Home Insurance Company.

  • 5. What is the maximum age limit for purchasing an APRIL Travel Protection plan?

    The maximum age limit for the single-trip (Economy & VIP), annual multi-trip (Universal & Elite), and Trip Cancellation policies is 95 years old.

  • 6. Does APRIL Travel Protection offer Family plans?

    All of our policies can be converted into a Family plan by simply adding your spouse, traveling companion or children to the policy. Adults up to the age of 95 will pay a premium, while children 18 and younger are free when added to the policy.

  • 7. I purchased a plan and did not receive the policy documents. What should I do?

    Please contact our 24/7 assistance center with the request and verify that the email on file is correct. The Summary of Benefits, Coverage Letter, and General Terms and Conditions documents are sent to all policyholders electronically within 24 hours of purchasing an APRIL Travel Protection policy.

  • 8. You changed your mind about the APRIL Travel Protection policy and want a refund?

    APRIL will refund the premium if you are not 100% satisfied within 14 calendar days of purchasing the policy (including the purchase date), where applicable, provided you have not departed or filed a claim. Pro-rated refunds for unearned premium will be processed for residents of the states where the 14-day free look period is not applicable.


  • 9. Is APRIL’s coverage primary or secondary?

    Our coverage is primary for all benefits!

  • 10. Does APRIL Travel Protection cover pre-existing medical conditions?

    The coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is in the form of an exclusion waiver included when the policy is purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit. The look back period is 90-180 days depending on the APRIL policy purchased.

  • 11. Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition?

    No, a normal pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition. Complications of pregnancy, a condition whose diagnosis is distinct from pregnancy but is adversely affected or caused by pregnancy, prior to the purchase of the policy may be considered pre-existing.

  • 12. What is the maximum trip length covered by APRIL Travel Protection?

    The APRIL Travel Protection single-trip and multi-trip plans cover a maximum trip length of 60 days, at no additional fee.

  • 13. Am I covered no matter the emergency issue experienced prior and during
    the insured trip?

    Every policy has its exclusions. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of each plan for more information.

  • 14. Can I modify the APRIL Travel Protection policy after purchase?

    Yes, you may modify the trip cost, travel dates and contact information prior to departure, or extend your travel coverage before or during your trip by sending a written request. An additional premium fee will apply. Simply contact our 24/7 assistance center.

  • 15. Are accidents that happen while practicing sports covered under the APRIL Travel Protection policies?

    Coverage varies per policy. However, the accidents derived from participating in bodily contact sports such as the ones listed below are excluded:

    Skydiving; mountaineering where ropes or guides are normally used; hang gliding; parachuting; any race by horse, motor vehicle, or motorcycle; bungee cord jumping; spelunking or caving; or rock climbing; or helicopter skiing or extreme skiing.

  • 16. Who is considered a family member?

    “Family Member” means you or your traveling companion’s legal or common law spouse, domestic partner, yours or your domestic partner’s caregiver, parent, legal guardian, step-parent, grandparent, parents-in-law, grandchild, natural or adopted child, foster child, ward, step-child, children-in-law, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.

    Cousins are excluded.


  • 17. Have a claim to file?

    Contact our 24/7 assistance center to open a claim and provide us with the necessary incident information to ensure that the correct forms are sent to you for completion. (For Trip Cancellation, cancel your trip with your travel supplier.)

    Make copies of all your documents and receipts for your personal records, reference your claim number on every piece of documentation, and submit the completed claim forms via mail, fax or email within 90 days of opening the claim.

    Once all necessary information has been received, we will process your claim within approximately 30 business days.

    If you have any questions, please call us at (855) APRIL–US, (855- 277-4587), or email us at CLAIMS [at] AprilTravelProtection [dot] com

  • 18. What should I do if I need assistance?

    With APRIL’s exclusive Stress Less Benefits, you can call, Skype or email us 24/7, to resolve any unexpected travel complications. Depending on the nature of your situation, we will coordinate the necessary solution through our network of global providers while you are traveling and pay the expenses involved if confirmation of an insurable event has occurred in real-time.

    This will prevent the need for you to coordinate complicated logistics outside of the U.S., front your own monies, and go through a claims reimbursement process upon your return.