10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

1) Trip Cancellation

You have an emergency cancellation and cannot go on that trip. You think the deposits you paid to hotels and airlines will be returned, right? Wrong, they don’t always provide a refund and this is where your travel plan will save you money. If you have a trip where you have made deposits, having trip cancellation insurance is priceless.

2) Emergency Sickness

Someone traveling feel sick? This is something that can ruin the rest of your stay unless you have single trip travel, annual/multi trip travel, or trip cancellation insurance protection. With the first two, we can send a doctor directly to your hotel room or direct you to the nearest clinic. The out-of-pocket expense is nothing to you as it is covered, seamless and we take care of it.

3) 14 Days Free Look

You don’t believe it? Well it is true, buy our plan and if within 14 days of purchasing the plan and prior to departure you think it is not what you wanted then we let you cancel for any reason, and receive a full refund. Your satisfaction is what is most important and we want happy customers.

4) Affordable Coverage

A short (Single Trip Travel) or long trip (Annual/Multi Trip Travel), makes no difference. To have a successful trip, travel coverage is necessary to provide peace of mind. The coverage is quite affordable compared to the potential costs of not carrying coverage. It is the most affordable way to relax while on your adventure. The length of a trip does not decrease the risk of an accident.

5) Trip Cancelation for Any Reason

Yes, any reason. We won’t ask we just know that at times things happen that are out of your control and this is our little forgiveness coverage. Trip Cancellation is an optional coverage but it is one that could save you in the long term for those truly unexpected moments.

6) Concierge Service

Everyone likes to feel like a VIP, right? Well with our coverage you can feel like you know all the right places to go anywhere in the world. Call us 24/7 and ask us for a restaurant recommendation or let us help you find out what vaccines you need prior to arriving in the destination country. Your friends will be impressed.

7) Lost Baggage

You took so much time to analyze everything you would need to have with you to make the vacation perfect and then … the bags do not arrive. Or they stole your high tech camera. You have to call the airline, spend money to replace the items and you do not get it all back. That is where we step in, put your trust in APRIL.

8) Assistance Service

It just does not have that “ring” that says wow. But when you have it on a trip and use the assistance you will realize WOW. This is the most underrated service and the most useful as it provides you one phone number to call and get someone 24/7 in any language to help you find what you need. It is really that amazing. Hablas espanol?

9) Trip Interruption

Something unexpected happens and you need to return home early. April will help you organize this return quickly and get you back without financial repercussion. Doesn’t that help you relax more while away on vacation?

10) Emergency Evacuation

We all love an adventure and that is why you travel to countries outside of the USA. However we do not want an adventure when it comes to your health so if you are in a country where the medical treatment is not available we will arrange and pay for you to get to a place that can take care of your health needs.