Few Regret Purchasing Travel Insurance Because of Increased Peace of Mind

March 20, 2013

When people purchase travel insurance, they tend to feel neutral about it when they don’t have to use it. But when they need travel insurance and don’t have it, they seriously regret not purchasing a policy. Knowing that you have travel insurance can give you extra peace of mind to enjoy travel more. At April Travel Protection, we have extensive experience in travel protection, offering travel insurance for Canadians, as well as others in North America, Latin America, and Europe, and have insured travel for over 25 years.

If You Are Sick or Injured While Traveling

Travel and medical insurance is available to cover the costs associated with illnesses and injuries during travel. You’re wise to purchase travel and medical insurance if you plan on biking or skiing during your trip. However, this type of insurance doesn’t cover reckless behavior, and may not cover certain sporting activities, so read your policy thoroughly and ask questions to know exactly what’s covered.

It’s Best to Buy Travel Insurance from a Third Party Provider

While you can purchase travel insurance from an airline, resort, or cruise line, typically these policies aren’t as comprehensive as polices bought from insurance providers. Additionally, if you purchase insurance from an airline and the airline goes out of business (something that has happened more than once in the United States over the past decade), your coverage disappears.

Annual Policies Are Great for Frequent Travelers

If you travel frequently, you can save money by purchasing an annual travel policy rather than an individual policy for each trip. In general, if you travel more than three or four times per year, you will spend less by purchasing an annual travel insurance policy rather than insuring each trip separately.

Age and Total Trip Costs Influence How Much You’ll Pay

Travel insurance policies generally cost around 4% to 8% of total trip costs. This varies depending on the age of the traveler, and what types of medical coverage are included. At April Travel Services, we offer travel insurance for Canadians, other North Americans, Latin Americans, and Europeans, and have been providing travel protection for over a quarter of a century.