Travel Insurance: Always a Good Deal

May 22, 2013

It is always a good idea to ensure you are completely insured before departing on a trip at home or abroad. As foreign travel to less traditional vacation destinations has grown so has the need for, and popularity ofInternational Travel Insurance has grown in comparison. Although most people agree they need to insure their travel plans against medical sicknesses, injury, lost luggage and possessions, and trip cancellation many of us do not realize we are already insured against many of the accidents that may befall us on our travels.

Before looking into purchasing Foreign Travel Insurance a traveler should make sure they have checked through their existing insurance policies to see if they already have some form of coverage. For example, many life insurance policies will provide coverage for insured travelers when away from home as part of their existing life insurance policies; thus accidental death and dismemberment are already covered under a life insurance policy and not required as part of a travel insurance policy.

Health Travel Insurance is often quoted as one of the major reasons people take out travel insurance policies. However, prior to purchasing travel insurance covering medical costs during foreign travel it is worth checking into whether existing medical insurance already covers medical costs in the country being visited. Many medical insurance companies extend their coverage across international boundaries for their policyholders making travel health insurance redundant. The same kind of coverage is also available for lost possessions or theft whilst undertaking foreign travel for many people who have existing renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. Most people with one of these insurance policies will find they are covered for losses of personal possessions under existing home insurance policies.

Despite the fact many of the items covered under a travel insurance policy can often be covered under existing policies many people are reassured by the fact they have purchased insurance specifically for their trip. Although insurance offers reimbursement when a flight or trip of some kind is canceled this is often also covered by a flight or tour operator who will reimburse travelers when a trip is canceled. The majority of insurance companies will sell travel insurance policies, which are often more reliable than purchasing travel insurance from a travel agent or tour operator. In some cases, people have lost both a trip and the money paid for travel insurance when a travel agent or tour operator providing both insurance and the trip itself have declared bankruptcy.

It is essential to choose an experienced travel insurance provider that you can trust. APRIL Travel Protection is an industry leader in international travel insurance. Be sure to visit APRIL Travel Protection today to learn more about our variety of travel protection, and trip cancellation insurance plans.