Houston air hub closed through Thursday, 7,500 flights canceled

— August 29, 2017

More than 7,500 flights have been canceled since Friday, nearly all as a result of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.
Weather events such as a hurricane are generally covered by travel insurance.

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Tips for Talking to Clients About the Mexico Tainted Alcohol Story

— July 31, 2017

APRIL USA recommends learning the definition between primary and secondary insurance, noting that primary insurance can often be superior in situations where a traveler is hit with a sudden medical crisis on the road.
“Primary coverage will step up before and above any other possible people out there who may pay for the incident as it’s happening”, Schreier says.

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Active 2017 Hurricane Season is Still on the Horizon

— July 27, 2017

APRIL Travel Protection recommends that tourists visiting the Atlantic region during the period should protect their travel investment and monitor weather patterns closely.

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Innovation a challenge for travel insurers

— June 05, 2017

April continues to innovate in the travel insurance industry by offering policyholders better service and technology benefits. Our plans offer our exclusive Stress Less benefits, enabling customers to reach out to the company through their channel of choice, such as Skype or texting. When possible, April directly pays for most insurable events in real time.

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How to Talk to Clients About Insurance Following Manchester Attack

— May 25, 2017

April Travel Protection highlights the three important things to keep in mind regarding travel insurance.

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Squaremouth Announces Top Travel Insurance Providers of March 2017

— April 4, 2017

April was named a top-selling provider for the third time in a row by Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site.

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Six Travel Insurance Tips to Share With Clients on New Electronics Ban

— March 22, 2017

“The recently announced ban on tablets, laptops, cameras and other electronics on flights originating from select Middle Eastern gateways is sure to face public backlash as passengers simply don’t trust the airlines to handle delicate electronics,” says Jason Schreier, CEO for APRIL Travel Protection’s Miami-based U.S. headquarters. “Beyond the convenience of accessing personal electronics onboard, many passengers are reluctant to pack these expensive devices in their checked luggage—and with good reason.”

Schreier noted that many travel insurance policies have low reimbursement limited for electronics, and some policies do not cover tablets or laptops.

“Travel agents should advise affected passengers to limit the total dollar value of checked devices to the $500 coverage maximum for electronics hidden in the fine print within in many travel protection policy agreements, Schreier says. “Above all else, the most important rules to remember when comparing travel insurance policies are ‘never make assumptions, fully read coverage agreements and always look at the fine print.”

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Top Travel Insurance Claims Revealed by Squaremouth

— February 8, 2017

Travelers filing claims for their delayed bags were the most commonly denied in 2016, according to Jason Schreier, CEO of APRIL Travel Protection.
Travelers often misunderstand the purpose of this benefit and submit Baggage Delay claims thinking they are owed the benefit amount for the inconvenience they experienced, Schreier said. However, the benefit is designed to reimburse the cost of clothing or other essential items purchased while travelers wait for their bags to arrive.
Read your policy to understand what items you are covered for. Then, keep all receipts for any clothing, toiletries, or other essentials you purchase while your luggage is lost or delayed. Without receipts, you cannot be reimbursed.

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Airport chaos: Travel insurance likely won’t cover, firm warns

— February 2, 2017

April Travel Protection warns travelers not to count on the coverage for delays at airports related to President Trump’s immigration orders.

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Squaremouth Announces Top Travel Insurance Providers of November 2016

— December 2, 2016

APRIL Travel Protection was named one of Squaremouth’s top 5 insurance providers of November 2016.

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Travelers appear to be increasingly concerned with terrorism following the NY explosion.

— September 20, 2016

“We have seen an increase in the number of policies purchased with CFAR since the Paris attacks in November and have already received several inquiries today from concerned policyholders traveling to and from the Northeast” said Jason Schreier, CEO of APRIL USA Travel Protection.

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Bad news, good sales for insurance

— September 8, 2016

April Travel Protection has also focused on its claims process, offering its Stress Less benefits, CEO Jason Schreier said. Customers can utilize a variety of ways to get in touch with April (phone, text, email or Skype) if they need to file a claim. April will assess clients’ claims and proactively help them rebook, paying many benefits in real time so the customer does not have to go through laying out initial funds and a subsequent claims process. “If it's a clear, cut-and-dry, black-and-white, ‘you’re-covered’ situation, why even make the client go through a claims process?” Schreier said.

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Top Items Vacationers Forget To Pack

— August 11, 2016

As a forward-thinking insurance company which encourages policyholders to reach out for support, the APRIL Travel Protection call center has heard it all. Here is their list of the top trip-related items vacationers tend to forget the most.

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U.S. travelers are increasingly taking terror risks into account when making vacation plans. Travelers are buying travel insurance for the Cancellation for Any Reason upgrade.

— August 9, 2016

U.S. travelers are increasingly taking terror risks into account when making vacation plans. Travelers are buying travel insurance for the Cancellation for Any Reason upgrade.
So how much does an added premium cost? Most companies add a surcharge of 45 to 50 percent for CFAR coverage to the policy cost, said Jason Schreier, CEO of April Travel Protection, “which typically adds hundreds of dollars, and increases as the cost of the trip goes up.”

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APRIL Travel Protection Warns Travelers About Conflicting Hurricane Season Reports

— May 20, 2016

For those who are evaluating potential plans based on hurricane predictions, APRIL Travel Protection warns that conflicting forecasts by various meteorology centers may not paint an accurate picture of this year's storm season. Find out what you need to know.

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APRIL Travel Protection explains what is and isn't covered under various travel insurance policies.

— March 01, 2016

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Zika virus alert is set at level 2, which means policyholders are encouraged to practice enhanced precautions. It would need to be elevated to alert level 3, encouraging Americans to avoid nonessential travel, to be considered for trip cancellation eligibility by most insurance underwriters.

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Zika Virus, Pregnancy and Travel Insurance: Squaremouth Explains Available Coverage

— February 10, 2016

Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, highlights some of the options available for travelers who are pregnant or may become pregnant, and answers the most common questions about travel insurance coverage for pregnancy and the Zika outbreak.

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APRIL Partners with Tin Leg to Fulfill Travel Insurance Company's '24-Hour Emergency Assistance' Services

— January 14, 2016

APRIL Travel Protection is partnering with Tin Leg and will function as the travel insurance company's medical assistance provider, fulfilling 24-hour Emergency Assistance needs, including evacuation services...

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APRIL Travel Protection extends coverage to Cuba

— Jan. 29, 2015

Groundbreaking insurance innovator APRIL Travel Protection has announced that coverage will now be extended to policyholders originating from within the U.S. who are traveling to Cuba [...]

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Flight delays reach critical mass during winter months as travelers scramble to rebook connections, says APRIL

— Jan. 20, 2015

On the first Tuesday of January, more than 900 flights were cancelled nationwide due to inclement weather [...]

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Squaremouth Announces the Top Travel Insurance Providers of October 2014

— November 11, 2014

Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, announced its top-selling travel insurance providers of October 2014 [...]

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'Stress less' benefits eliminate hassle with on-the-spot payments while vacationer is traveling

— June 10, 2014

The U.S. division of a 26-year-old global insurance giant, April Travel Protection stands out in the travel insurance marketplace with "Stress Less Benefits" that pay to resolve consumers’ problems instantly [...]

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APRIL Travel Protection launches 'APRIL choice' on squaremouth, provides fully customizable options for travelers’ unique needs

— June 5, 2014

After bursting on the scene with a slew of supplier agreements, the newly launched U.S. division of global insurance giant APRIL Travel Protection is now available on Squaremouth [...]

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APRIL Travel Protection launches marketing, campaign in conjunction with U.S. expansion

— May 28, 2014

APRIL Global Assistance Network, one of the world’s largest providers of specialty travel insurance programs, has announced its expansion into the U.S. market with the launch of APRIL Travel Protection [...]

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APRIL Travel Protection inks contract with sta travel to offer innovative policies for leading student, youth operator

— May 19, 2014

The newly launched U.S. division of global insurance giant April Travel Protection has signed an agreement with STA Travel [...]

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Tools to sell ski from, VAX, Alpine Adventures

— October 22, 2013

By Kate Rice This season, travel agents will find they have several new tools to help them sell mountain vacations. [...]

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Squaremouth Launches Travel Insurance Products from APRIL Travel Protection

— October 17, 2013

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Oct. 16, 2013 – /PRNewswire/ — Squaremouth, America’s fastest growing travel insurance comparison site, is proud to introduce [...]

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April lifts travel assistance in ski adventures to new elevations

— October 1, 2013

Alpine Adventures Partners with APRIL Travel Protection to Provide Wider Coverage for Adventure.
Travel Ranging from Medical Emergency to Dinner Reservations.

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Featured in

— May 18, 2013

Your Newest Insurance Option: April Travel Protection May 16, 2013 4:20 pm by Ed Perkins April Travel Protection, a major insurance [...]

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Online Vacation Center Selects April as Preferred Travel Protection Partner

— May 15, 2013

ONLINE VACATION CENTER SELECTS APRIL AS PREFERRED TRAVEL PROTECTION PARTNER Cruise Retailer Partners to Offer Customers Travel Insurance and Assistance in [...]

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Meet APRIL, Your Modern Travel Partner

— May 7, 2013

Meet APRIL, Your Modern Travel Partner Travel Insurance and Assistance in One; Stress Less ‘We Pay Upfront’ Approach for Medical [...]

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