Meet APRIL, Your Modern Travel Partner

May 7, 2013

Meet APRIL, Your Modern Travel Partner
Travel Insurance and Assistance in One; Stress Less
‘We Pay Upfront’ Approach for Medical Emergency, Trip Cancellation and More

May 6, 2013 — (MIAMI, Fla.) – Today, APRIL Travel Protection, part of the international April Group with roots in Europe and Latin America, launches its unique and customer-friendly travel insurance service and online portal in the United States. Part insurance, part assistance, APRIL is ideal for today’s busy international traveler. Designed for the 21st Century, APRIL compacts 25 years of global experience into one insurer as easy to use and access as your personal phone.

Thankfully, most travelers don’t ever need to use their travel insurance. However, according to the US Travel Insurance Association (UStiA) report surveying travelers in 2010, for the more than ten percent of travelers who experienced the unexpected while on a trip, less than one third were actually carrying travel insurance.* For the thousands of U.S. travelers who have lost money on trips due to poor, misunderstood or lack of insurance coverage, APRIL is as necessary as their passport.

“We believe that to successfully provide travelers with superior experience, we need to offer comprehensive and hassle-free travel insurance and assistance that doesn’t stop with insuring the things we don’t want to happen,” says Philip Namiech, CEO, April Travel Protection. “At APRIL, what we want to insure most for our customers is the best possible travel experience, whether they’re having the time of their lives or facing the unexpected.”

For over 25 years April has assisted global travelers and now is offering them even more with Stress Less benefits ranging from cashless emergency medical support, to trip interruption and beyond. U.S.-based travelers leaving the country or traveling domestically, now have a modern, cost-effective and consumer-friendly travel partner. Should the unexpected happen, APRIL customers can go home to focus on scrapbooks, not reimbursement claims.

APRIL Travel Protection Goes Beyond Travel Insurance

Stress Less

Insurance + Assistance

One Touch

When the unexpected occurs, APRIL will coordinate the solution and be there for every step of the process

In most cases, medical emergencies or help is immediately paid for by APRIL-the traveler never sees a claim form or bill

APRIL does the work: finds the doctor, interprets, fills out paper work, re-books tickets and more

White glove concierge services and assistance for medical emergencies, rebooked flights or dinner reservations

Accessible 365/24/7

Purchase online

Access help via phone, email, text, live chat, or Skype

U.S.-based customer service

One contact, access to 25 years of experience and global network in more than 100 countries

Want to Meet APRIL?

APRIL Travel Protection is one click away for savvy travelers who want travel insurance protection on any trip, regardless if it is an airline, cruise provider, group or individual travel. It is now available to U.S. travelers at Travelers can review a suite of plan options and select coverage on a trip-by-trip or annual basis.  Pricing is per person and based on age and cost of trip. APRIL also has family plan prices included in certain programs where if one parent purchases a plan for himself or herself, all their children under the age of 18 are included.

APRIL offers trip-specific or yearly packages that cover travelers domestically and internationally, whether traveling for business, pleasure or a mix. Travelers have fourteen days from purchase to have a “free look” at their policy; review the plan purchased, and if they have a sudden case of buyer’s remorse, can request a refund on their insurance plan.

Changing the Image of Insurance

With most travel insurance, it’s just that: insurance and a hope that the customer won’t need to make a claim on the policy. APRIL is different. At the cornerstone of unparalleled customer service is helping travelers face the unexpected, but the travel protection also offers an extreme level of travel assistance for all the things APRIL gets directly involved with to make a trip run smoother. From lost bags, to delayed flights, to reservations at the best local restaurant, APRIL is one touch away and ready to help. APRIL’s comprehensive services are just that, comprehensive.

Just like many other facets of our fast-paced world, APRIL has caught up with its one touch travel assistance. Purchase a protection plan that meets your travel needs with a click of the mouse and then while on the road connect with live assistance via Skype, Live Chat, text, email or phone. Within seconds, 365/24/7, someone who speaks your native tongue is there to help manage the unexpected or assist in the most mundane of concierge tasks. Stress Less with APRIL.


APRIL Travel Protection, part of the April Group (founded in 1988 in France), is a company that designs, markets and sells various insurance and assistance solutions throughout North America. APRIL has been a market leader in Europe and Latin America, with more than 2 Million policyholders world-wide. APRIL clients are serviced by its own Global Assistance Network with offices strategically located in over 100 countries.

For over 25 years, APRIL Travel Protection has been taking care of travelers with a mission to provide simple, efficient and effective coverage and solutions to clients whenever and wherever needed. APRIL differentiates with Stress Less Benefits, which allow policyholders to often avoid going through a claims reimbursement process. Learn more about APRIL Travel Protection at:

APRIL, changing the image of insurance

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