It’s not going to happen to me…

When Sergio took a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, he decided to purchase April travel insurance even if all previous trips he was not covered. However this time he purchased it as it was a long trip and far from home. Thank goodness he did because he came down with a severe flu and in the middle of nowhere. The April assistance team came to his rescue and found him a modern clinic nearby to take care of him. “If it happens to me in the future, I am prepared and will know what to do, where ever I am!”

August 22, 2012


Whenever I travel, April is going with me.

When Panama-resident Maria first purchased APRIL travel insurance for a trip to the United States, like most parents, she did so with her child in mind. However little did she know that the travel insurance plan would become something that benefitted mother as much as daughter. Mrs. Lobo commented, “APRIL made medical assistance seamless on a previous trip made with my daughter and this time when I needed their help. Whenever I travel, APRIL is going with me.” Read more about Maria’s story by clicking below.


July 2, 2012


When extreme medical crisis hits, traveler avoids financial disaster.

When Laurence from France decided to take a vacation to the West coast of the US she never thought about what might go wrong. Luckily her travel agency included APRIL travel insurance in her tour package to help avoid what could have been a financial diaster. When she came down with double pneumonia on her trip, a rare case that affects both lungs, she was happy to find out she was covered. “APRIL handled everything. I didn’t have to do anything but focus on regaining my strength and recovering from the infection,” says Laurence. Read more about her story by clicking below.