You may ask this question for different reasons, so we’ll try to appease them all.  You may be saying, why not May, what about June?  In other words, what gives with the name?
The name APRIL comes from the idea that most fresh, innovative ideas come during the change of seasons from winter to spring. April is focused on providing you with the best options all year round.
What we’re really interested in explaining is Why you want to use April as your preferred Single Trip Travel, Annual/Multi Trip Travel, and Trip Cancellation Travel Protection company.

We’re Different!

Our company was founded over 25 years ago with the mission of Changing the image of insurance and we’ve set out to do just that.  While you might have a hard time articulating the difference between our competitors, we want you to say, “April, that’s the Travel Protection company that has…”

Stress Less Benefits

When unexpected things happen during your travels, it’s often much more difficult to coordinate solutions to these issues when you’re outside of your home country. Further, nobody wants to spend potentially thousands of dollars to resolve these problems. Finally, it’s certainly no fun to come home to claim forms and piles of receipts that need to be completed in order to hopefully get those thousands of dollars back.
Our Stress Less Benefits allow you to avoid those problems. When issues arise while traveling, you simply contact us in the most convenient way possible (phone, Skype, SMS text, live chat, email or by our website). We’ll coordinate the solution for you, pay for it on the spot and prevent you from having to go through a claims reimbursement process. You can call it Instant Claims Adjudication, but we think Stress Less Benefits has a nicer ring to it.

We Want To Hear From You

Most insurance companies sell you a policy and then pray they never hear from you again. After all, that’s how they make money.
At April, we’re trying to find new and more convenient ways for our clients to connect with us beyond a phone call such as through the web and soon through Skype and our new mobile application. We want to make it easier for you to not only reach us, but also to access our services. In other words, we believe that if you get to experience our services (Travel Assistance, Concierge Services, Stress Less Benefits, etc.) that you’ll choose us again and again. Look at some of our products that will fit your needs!

We’re Global With a Touch of Home

Over our 25-year history, we’ve developed a Global Network of offices strategically located in over 100 countries. These offices allow us to resolve complicated and time-sensitive problems that can arise unexpectedly while traveling.
However, when minutes matter and you’re involved in a stressful situation, you’ll likely want to speak with someone who understands you loud and clear. That’s why our U.S. clients will always speak with a Call Center Specialist located here in the states 24/7/365. We’ll still take advantage by coordinating with our offices located throughout the globe when necessary, but that U.S. Call Center Specialist will always be in-between you and the foreign office helping to ensure clear and timely communication.